A few Hunting Articles Written by Joe Byers
I was born into a hunting family and that tradition has remained as strong as ever.  When I was 16-years-old, my
grandfather took me on a camping trip to Alaska, an adventure that lasted four months and became a boy-to-
man summer for me.  Ever since then I’ve been enthralled with the adventure of hunting and enjoy sharing the
outdoors with others.  As a retired school administrator, I enjoy making things happen, taking care of the details
and assuring everyone has a great time.  My wife Vel often travels with me, especially if other women become
part of the hunting party, and she share a unique perspective especially when shopping or jewelry becomes the
topic of conversation.  

Throughout my life, I encountered those who vow “someday” they will undertake that special hunt of their
dreams.  Sadly, that day seldom arrives.  Don’t wait, do it now.  Prices on adventure hunts have never been better.
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